Sephora: The Sensorium

Published on .

Sephora has partnered with fragrance manufacturer Firmenich and experience design and production company The Department for the Fourth Dimension to create The Sensorium, a pop up scent store in New York's Meatpacking district .

The space, created by designers, technologists, filmmakers and architects, aims to transform fragrances into interactive, multi-sensory experiences. In one of the rooms, named 'Lucid Dreams', technology measures how much fragrance you sniff and uses the data to bring visuals to life: so, digital flowers bloom because you sniff them. Another room, 'First Scent', surrounds visitors with media inspired by fragrances in the room; for example, films of cutting grass, a morning breakfast and a visit to the beach correspond to fragrances Weekend Splendor, 6:01 am and Summer Vacation. The Sensorium will be open from now until Thanksgiving.

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