Sony's Creative Minds; Happy Birthday Emoticon and More.

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Meet Sony's Designers

The Verge profiles Ippei Tambata and Shigeaki Suzuki, the men leading the creative design department at Sony Mobile Communications. They have a big mandate: Create the kinds of devices that will bring the software giant back into the black.

Put a Penny in the Tip Jar

Actually, put at least a few dollars in. Vimeo has launched a virtual tip jar that lets video creators make money from their creations. Donations can be made via cash or PayPal, and the company will keep 15% of the revenue.

Happy Birthday, Emoticon!

The sideways smiley is turning 30 (tick-tock, emoticon, time to get hitched) and the Atlantic has a good piece on how it all came about. Turns out, it was the product of a geek-tastic "joke" that happened on a Carnegie Mellon bulletin board -- namely, how to discern humor on the World Wide Web.

Obama on Instagram

While the Obama camp is pretty much in a good place to get America's youth vote, it's historically been difficult to get young people to the polling booths. So the Democrats are unveiled "For All," a social media campaign to engage young Americans through Instagram and Twitter.

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