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This idea would be quite fitting for a sperm bank, but it was actually created to support the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami survivors. To promote Japanese cable channel Space Shower TV's "Music Saves Tomorrow" campaign, Tokyo agency Party created this website where visitors can watch a variety of sperm specimens dance to a Vimeo track of their choice. Why sperm, you ask? Well, the campaign hinges on the idea of saving tomorrow--and, Party figured, children, in their most basic form, represent the seeds of tomorrow. But rather than going down the more expected path of filming kids themselves, Party chose to drill down further to sperm, "a child in its preliminary phase."

Perhaps the more interesting aspect of the campaign, however, is the production story. Party's male staffers actually made a field trip to the bio lab, where they filmed their own sperm with a special camera. We can only guess as to how the sperm were wrangled, but to get them shakin' their tails to the music, "we took the textures and motion data, and merged it with CG to create the animation," explains Party CD Masashi Kawamura. The final product even reveals the uniqueness of each specimen--yon the site you can choose dancing sperm by Party donor, and their dance moves differ depending on who you select.

The site actually debuted in December, but it's still pretty fresh.

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