Stella Artois Sends Alice Eve to Deliver Holiday Greetings, Anywhere You Choose

Published on .

We've seen our share of personalized holiday greetings and videos, but this stylish effort from Stella Artois brings a fun Hollywood twist to what's become a pretty conventional plug and play approach to Facebook campaigns. The app, "Holiday Carole," uses Google Street View, Maps, Places, Directions and Geocoding APIs to send actress Alice Eve (Sex and the City 2, Men in Black 3) to a location of your choosing.

Type in a friend's name and their address, plus a message, and your loved one will receive a customized video of Ms. Eve -- clad in gorgeous furs and stilettos -- travelling to their home to deliver a Christmas greeting.

Images from the place you choose appear in the background as Ms. Eve rambles over in a classy coach and snowflakes drift about--which makes for an especially fun greeting if she's bringing holiday cheer to someone in Hawaii or Barbados.

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