Tweet While Watching 'Idol'; What Will Replace the Touchscreen & More

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Tweet While Watching 'Idol'

Fox's singing competition, "American Idol," will on Wednesday use Twitter to take instant polls of its viewers -- capitalizing on the fact that many already watching TV with a phone in hand or a computer nearby, reports the NYT. Questions on-screen will include things like "Do you agree with the judges?" or, one we'd like to ask: "Rate how pink Nicki Minaj's hair looks today."

Replacing the Touchscreen

The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal reports on the parade of new interfaces that are set to hit the market, providing new ways of interacting with your technological devices. While the iPhone, coupled with declining prices on multi-touch display screens, changed the computing paradigm entirely, motion control systems, wearable armbands that track muscular signals, and technologies like Google Glass are out to change things again.

One-on-one with Sugata Mitra

A Newcastle professor of educational technology, who is perhaps best known for an experiment where he put an accessible computer into a nearby slum and saw how the children taught themselves basic computer skills, has won the 2013 TED prize. The NYT has a wonderful interview with Dr. Mitra, who gets $1 million from TED to build a lab to test out whether an educational format that would make teachers simply "supervisors," and let kids teach themselves.

Smart Headlights from Volvo

As Wired says, headlights aren't the brightest -- they're either on, off, high beam or low beam. Swedish automaker Volvo is out to change that with new headlights that will use sensors and cameras to illuminate the road ahead without blinding the poor oncoming driver. At next week's Geneva Auto Show, the company will introduce the next-gen "Active High Beam Control," which shades certain areas of the headlights to avoid blinding other drivers.

Video Games Galore!

New York's Museum of Modern Art is unveiling a new exhibit this week, reports Mashable: a classic video game and video game arcade collection. The exhibit will include 14 games including Pac-Man, Terris, SimCity, The Sims, and Passage, and more than half will be playable, with controllers open and hidden consoles. For games that take time to learn, the museum has developed demo videos to keep visitor traffic flowing.

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