Vacuum Plays Music As It Sucks Up Dust

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Household goods manufacturers are forever coming up with ways to make vacuuming less noisy. You can vacuum listening to your iPod, or buy a super-quiet model. But this is surely the most interesting one we've seen yet. In Japan, Electrolux and agency TBWA/Hakuhudo has come up with a special edition vacuum cleaner called "erogthreeplay?" which plays music while it cleans. The ergothree play! model was developed as a special model capable of playing music while vacuum cleaning. The vacuum has sensors inside its nozzle which detects dusts as it vacuums, playing notes as it rhythmically sucks dusts. Electrolux hired four dancers to put on a special musical performance which will feature in a TV commercial. The first 5,000 users to share the video on Facebook or Twitter can receive limited-edition downloads of the ergothree song.
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