Volvo's Latest Real-Life 'Test' Pits Truck Against Raging Bulls

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ou just can't beat a Volvo for its precision, or strength, as evidenced by Forsman & Bodenfor's prior "tests" with the brand's trucks. But what about speed?

The latest live test from Volvo takes place in Spain, where a red-painted truck is chased by a herd of bulls, in a truck version of Pamplona's famous "running with the bulls" event. The truck not only provides that it's fast, but as in the prior test, where a hamster navigated the vehicle up a valley, also precise, considering the twisting alleys in the town.

Precision driver Rob Hunt takes the wheel in this latest stunt, which also features an added twist, in the form of Spanish bull runners who try to "catch" the truck to safety. Henry Alex Rubin directs, along with a crew of 250 people and 28 cameras.

However, the stunt isn't just something you can watch. Thanks to a super-innovative website, (demo below), Volvo lets you switch cameras and angles to "experience" the race yourself -- from the POV of the truck, the bulls, the helicopter above, or the runners.

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