The Weather Channel: Your

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The Weather Channel is relaunching as a more personalized experience for users, integrating social media into the site and customizing the site for their own locations and behaviors.

When users log onto via Facebook, or when they enter your name and zip code on the site, the traditional blue Weather Channel logo evolves to become their own name (eg. 'Mike's Weather'). The site allows them to create five personal tabs for regular weather updates.

The relaunch is backed by a humorous campaign via BBH New York. As well as a TV ad showing Noah getting his personalized forecast (shown here), it includes a Twitter-related online push in which The Weather Channel will tweet 20 celebrities their personalized weather forecasts highlighting a meteorologist that is dressed to resemble the celebrity's twitter photo. The meteorologist 'doppelganger' will deliver an accurate custom-tailored forecast for May 2, 2012, based on the city the celebrity lives in.

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