CaTTrax: March 25, 2010

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Happy Belated Ada Lovelace Day

Yesterday was the official day of celebration for the woman who wrote the world's first computer program. Find out more about her here.

PhotoShop got a hell of a lot more powerful
Our mouse hand just got twitchier. An Adobe Photoshop developer previews content-aware fill, a brilliant, time-saving new feature for PS in the upcoming CS5. Via MacRumors

More code, less sex?

Jonathan Harris on the inverse relationship between screen time and nookie.

Remote Control a Muscle Car (Full Size!)

Electronics wiz slash muscle car fan Dave Phipps uses RedEye and an iPod Touch to create a universal remote for his '69 GTO convertible. Via NYTimes Wheels Blog

Microsoft's Student Showdown

From a multitouch presentation editor to a rape location alert: Cast your votes now for the U.S. wizards in Microsoft's student tech competition.

Space Freaks Rejoice

Mashable's roundup of space exploration via social media.