Chicken Fries That Go Crunch -- And Won't Turn Your Fingers Orange

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Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries
Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries Credit: Burger King/Cheetos

Burger King and Cheetos are back together for another limited-time item cooked up for snack fans, Cheetos Chicken Fries.

The Cheetos-flavored breaded chicken pieces, set to go on sale on Sept. 14, follow Mac N' Cheetos, which were sold for a limited run beginning in late June.

Cheetos Chicken Fries are said to have a "dangerously cheesy outside" and white meat chicken inside. Ad Age has not yet tasted the product, but has been told that diners will not get that telltale orange residue on their fingers that comes with eating a bag of Cheetos.

Burger King teased the product launch in a commercial from agency David aired during Sunday football games on Fox. In that spot, Chester Cheetah sits across from Burger King's King character. Chester Cheetah, sporting the chain's gold crown, passes a bag of Cheetos to the King, who slides a pack of Chicken Fries to the Cheetos mascot. The 15-second spot ends with a fist bump but no specific details.

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Starting Monday, Burger King will air Code and Theory's first-ever TV commercial to officially announce the product. That 15-second spot has the look of a post-game press conference featuring Chester Cheetah and Burger King's King in front of a screen bearing their brands' logos.

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For digitally-focused Code and Theory, having a commercial air on TV "is a milestone for the agency, for sure," said Code and Theory Managing Partner Steve Baer.

Still, Mr. Baer added that where a piece runs is not as important in today's world, when digital content can have big reach as well. Code and Theory is part of a roster of agencies that work with Burger King, along with David, Horizon on media and Alison Brod PR.

Cheetos Chicken Fries will be a limited-time item with a recommended price of $2.89 for a nine-piece order. It marks Burger King's second collaboration with Cheetos, a line from PepsiCo's Frito-Lay. It is also the latest in a string of versions of Chicken Fries. Over the past year, Burger King has sold varieties including fiery, buffalo and jalapeno, plus Chicken Fries Rings.

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