Coke, McDonald's, Toyota, Nestle Win ANA Multicultural Awards

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Coca-Cola, McDonald's Corp., Toyota Motor Sales USA and other marketers mined cultural insights to win the Association of National Advertisers' Multicultural Excellence Awards.

The awards were given out at the ANA's Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference on Sunday night in Los Angeles.

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The Hispanic iteration of Coke's well-known "Share a Coke" platform celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with "Tattoo Can," winner of the Hispanic category with its agency, Miami-based shop David. The word 'Latino' peeled off Coke cans to reveal a Hispanic last name underneath -- Ortiz, Garcia, Reyes, Rodriguez – that could be applied to skin as a tattoo using the can's condensation. Coke sold 130,000 personalized cans.

"Coke was able to … connect with a source of pride for Latinos like family names," said Tito Colon, one of the ANA awards' judges and Aetna's senior director, head of multicultural marketing, community relations and urban marketing.

McDonald's won both the African-American and Asian categories, with spots by Lime Green Moroch that included "Slang," in which a dad embarrasses his daughter by trying to be too cool, and "Did You Eat Yet?" by IW Group, playing on a phrase that can be a way of showing love in Asian culture.

"Generally speaking, what we saw was an increased intensity and focus on appropriately reaching the multicultural segment," Mr. Colon said. "The campaigns encapsulated nuances that could only be developed through in-depth research and adoption into the creative process. I think it's the next evolution of the multicultural market, and how it can be adopted in a total market segment and become a vehicle for growth for these companies."

In the digital, social and mobile category, Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi's Hispanic agency Conill encouraged Latinos, who mostly drive trucks for business and work, to use the Toyota Tacoma to enjoy themselves. In "Sal a Jugar" ("Go Out and Play"), teams competed to see who could have the most fun pursuing outdoor activities with their Tacomas.

For the second year in a row, the Best of Show award went to the winner of the People With Disabilities category. In the spot by Anomaly for Duracell called "Stay Connected," we see a man become disengaged from his daily life due to hearing loss. He is withdrawn at the family dinner table, doesn't hear his colleagues at work and, worst of all, inadvertently ignores his tiny granddaughter crying when he babysits. After a trip to the doctor for a hearing aid, equipped with Duracell batteries, he is back to normal as the ad ends with the words "Don't miss the moments that matter."

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In the new experiential marketing category, Nestle's Nescafe Clasico and Casanova McCann built a pop-up café in Miami and asked passersby if they would have a cup of coffee with a complete stranger. That stranger turned out to be Latino singer Ricky Martin, and the coffee encounters turned #MomentosNestle into a trending topic and a video with 17 million views. Nescafe Clasico sales rose by 5%.

In the audio category, Sensis tried to change the behavior of travelers who smuggle in forbidden products with humor and a fake game show called "Can I Bring It?" A Spanish-language version asks contestants about avocados and meat empanadas, while Chinese players are quizzed on the legality of transporting poultry and lychees.

In the total market category, Kimberly-Clark's Kleenex brand and J. Walter Thompson surprised a music teacher by bringing back her former students to tell her, very musically, what a big impact she had on their lives.

Here is the full list of Multicultural Excellence Awards category winners:

African American: McDonald's and Lime Green Moroch for "All Nighter" and "Slang."

Asian: McDonald's and IW Group for "Did You Eat Yet?"

Audio: USDA/Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services and Sensis for "Can I Bring It?"

Business-to-business (new category): Univision Communications and Blanco Lorenz for "The Rise of Futbol in America."

Digital, social and mobile: Toyota Motor Sales USA's Toyota Tacoma and Conill for "Sal A Jugar" hijacked banner.

Experiential marketing (new category): Nestle USA's Nescafe Clasico and Casanova McCann for "Make the Moment Happen -- Coffeebreaks Social Experiment."

Hispanic: Coca-Cola and David for "Tattoo Can."

LGBT: The Food and Drug Administration and Rescue for "Our Story."

People With Disabilities (Also Best of Show winner): Berkshire Hathaway's Duracell and Anomaly for "Stay Connected."

Print: Comcast Xfinity and Burrell Communications for Black History Month -- "The Next Greatest of All Time."

Significant results: Mattel's American Girl for a Diabetes Care Kit created in-house.

Total market: Kimberly-Clark's Kleenex and J.Walter Thompson's "Kleenex Timely Care 2.0."

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