Diddy's New Tequila Brand Ads Are Gone in 15 Seconds

DeLeon's Debut Campaign Under Diageo Released in 'Bite-Sized' Chunks

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What is the average advertising attention span of a millennial? About 15 seconds. Just ask Sean "Diddy" Combs.

If you want to know why, read on, but it has something to do with the ad above. And if you are between the ages of 18 and 34, be warned: This might take a few minutes to explain.

I won't start at the beginning. That would take too long.

But we do have to rewind to 2007. That is when Mr. Combs partnered with Diageo on Ciroc vodka. Thanks to the hip hop mogul's creative input, the brand took off, and sales are still strong.

Flash forward to to 2014, when Mr. Comb and Diageo made their next big big liquor play. They formed a joint venture and bought DeLeon Tequila, an upscale brand that had a following among the Hollywood elite and in the music industry.

Just like they did with Ciroc, Diageo and Diddy need to grow DeLeon to make their investment pay off. Which brings us to 15 seconds.

To boost a brand -- especially in booze -- you need marketing. But DeLeon's core target, drinkers ages 21- to-44, includes a whole bunch of millennials.

So here is the challenge, according to Diddy: "Today's consumers -- even those shopping luxury brands --want quick, enticing content," he said in a statement. "They're busy, focusing on multiple screens at once, and have a short attention span. You have to capture them with the first beat."

So how does DeLeon plan to reach these attention-challenged consumers? With that 15-second ad above, and five more similar vignettes that will begin running Monday.

The campaign, called "The Next Level," is by Blue Flame Agency, which was founded by Mr. Combs. Ads will run in digital and on TV and get heavy play during AMC's "Mad Men." One ad might even have a direct "Mad Men" tie-in, although the brand was not ready to disclose details.

As described by DeLeon in a statement, the ads are "are bite-sized shorts" that were "designed to appeal specifically to the media-savvy, fast-paced millennial generation's consumption habits, enticing them with a quick, shareable, multi-sensory experience."

Dia Simms, who oversees DeLeon as president of Combs Wine and Spirits, got right to the point. The goal is to "capture the essence of the brand," which has "this bad-ass bottle with a phenomenal liquid," she said in an interview.

The ads are set to music by blues legend Muddy Waters and singer/actress Naomi Scott. "The idea was to have this sensory invitation that you could experience very quickly from the moment the spot comes on," Ms. Simms said. She added: "I'm a huge advocate of, you know, be clear: subject, verb, get to your message in 15 seconds."

There is more I could tell you about all of this. But that would take way too long.

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