How Kimberly-Clark Approaches Scam Ads

Chief Marketing Officer Clive Sirkin Minces No Words

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We asked chief marketing officers for their thoughts on scam ads. Here's what Kimberly-Clark CMO Clive Sirkin has to say.

Clive Sirkin
Clive Sirkin

"We do not support or allow scam ads under any circumstances and have made that clear to our agencies. Scam ads undermine the integrity of the agencies, the clients and the outstanding talent that make this industry.

"We think creativity is in service of the business and not the other way around. We think creativity and results do not fight each other or are binary.

"We think award shows are as useful and effective as the organizers allow them to be. ... If they are a true showcase and competition of how creativity drives business and a showcase of real/legitimate work, then they have a role. But make no mistake about it -- the only award that ultimately counts and the only award that fuels the industry and pays the bills is the results the work drives in market.

"We should be proud of the craft, but clear that the craft is designed to build brands and business at the same time and not to build a reel or be independent of results. We will kill one of the greatest and most creative industries if we lose our true north."

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