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Five Reasons to Attend Ad Age's CMO Strategy Summit on June 4 in San Francisco

Come Learn How To Make The Most Of Budgets, Big And Small

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We're heading out to San Francisco for the second CMO Strategy Summit, bringing together some of the smartest minds in the business to discuss latest developments, challenges and opportunities in marketing.

Here's a preview of the themes and experiences to expect at the summit:

Getting the Most Out of Your Money

The overarching theme of the CMO Strategy Summit. Throughout the day we'll be looking at strategies, tactics, creative vehicles and new technologies that help marketers make a big impact with limited resources.

The Power of Data and Personalization

One of the hottest, and arguably most confusing, topics facing marketers today is how to harness the massive amount of newly available data -- mobile, social, retail -- for better targeting, personalization and improved loyalty and CRM programs. Rob Price, chief marketing officer at CVS and Cammie Dunnaway, chief marketing officer at KidZania Inc. will both discuss the how and why of "tapping big data."

VIP Treatment from the Silicon Valley's Biggest, Hottest Players

Attendees will hear from 4 hot tech startups, who will present their visions for disruption in rapid fire, for the audience to judge. And the day after the conference, we'll be taking a select group of attendees inside Google and Facebook as part of our first 'Tech Tour.'

Evolution, Evolution, Evolution!

Brand Evolution, Rejuvenation, Reinvention -- call it what you will. Marketers from Hillshire Brands, Denny's, Caribou Coffee and ADT will all discuss their efforts to rethink their brand's place in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive consumer landscape. They'll also share how they've breathed new life into iconic companies, and the role those companies now play in consumers' lives.

How to Compete when Your Rivals Have Bigger Wallets...Much Bigger Wallets

Sierra Nevada's biggest competition comes from the likes of Miller-Coors and AB-Inbev, two of the bigger spenders in the business. So how does Joe Whitney compete against such giants? By tapping the craft brew's rich heritage to drive its grassroots marketing philosophy, that's how. (Bonus: As part of his presentation, Mr. Whitney will also be orchestrating a special tasting for CMO Summit attendees.)

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