New CCOs at Lowe Roche Toronto; Mark Biernacki Out

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A reshuffle at Lowe Roche Toronto has installed Cossette's Pete Breton and Dave Douglass as chief creative officers, and resulted in the ouster of VP and creative director Mark Biernacki, who was hired in June 2010.

CEO Monica Ruffo announced the changes as part of the creative succession following Geoffrey Roche, the founder of the agency, who left his position and has gone on to pursue a number of other things. Roche has since founded Poolhouse, which creates online communities for "pets, children and shoes," including the much-publicized Dogbook. He has also worked on, which crowdsources photos of great shoes spotted all over the world.

Breton and Douglass will oversee both the Toronto and Montreal offices with a national focus, and will report directly to Ruffo. At Cossette, they were co-chief creative officers.

Biernacki's creative partner, Steph Mackie, will also report to them.

Earlier, Ruffo also announced four more management additions on the non-creative side, including Selma Filali as SVP, Managing Director of Amuse in Montreal, Dave Carey and Marie-Lise Campeau both as SVP Client Services in Toronto, and Erwin Rivera as VP Digital.

"One of the best things about our new management team is that everyone has worked with everyone else at one point or another in the past and has chosen to work together again," Ruffo said in a statement.

The agency recently added Warner Bros. films to its roster. Under Mackie and Biernacki, the shop had created a "Bacteria Billboard" to promote the new movie, Contagion, installing petri dishes of bacteria in a Toronto storefront that multiplied to spell out the movie title.

The pair also helmed a campaign for The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada recently, a couple of darker spots that presented death as a new kind of stalker.

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