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Thank Graydon Sheppard for the 'Sh*t Girls Say' Web Series

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Graydon Sheppard
Graydon Sheppard
Graydon Sheppard hasn't lived in one place for more than three weeks since starting the "Shit Girls Say" web series last December. Mr. Sheppard and co-creator Kyle Humphrey were astonished by the traffic the videos drew -- 2 million views in one day. It all started when one of them asked, "Could you pass me that blanket?" in that , like, girlish twang. Out of fun, they started "a word document and within a few days, had a hundred," said Mr. Sheppard. They ran with it and started a Twitter account -- which now has nearly 1.5 million fans. Then followed the videos, with Mr. Sheppard playing the role of "Girl."

A filmmaker and avid storyteller, Mr. Sheppard is represented by The Director's Bureau and preparing a picture book based on the Twitter feed with Harlequin publishers.