Cannes 2013: There's An App For That

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MPC has launched "Cannesappe," an iPhone app that lets you trigger "push" invites to Cannes' hottest parties whenever it's opened. The app features the parties and events at this year's festival, and also gives you street maps, taxi numbers and an event/party calendar. It even works offline, and also shows you the location of the nearest WiFi spots. Of course, the name is a play on the word "canape," which happens to mean "sofa" -- so go ahead do this from the comforts of your couch. You can add your event by emailing



Those out late at Cannes can avail themselves of Deutsch Los Angeles' "Cannes Has Pizza," that will help you track people on scooters delivering pies throughout the town at the time you need it most: between midnight at 2 AM. The brainchild of Deutsch SVP Jeff Sweat, who started the scheme three years ago when he was "desperately searching for food" at Cannes, the delivery people, decked in the agency's colors will deliver 1,800 slices of pizza throughout the week. The drivers will carry GPS-enabled iPhones, and people checking the site can find out where they are going to be going. 


Havas' "Havas Cafe," an event space for business and pleasure, has its own app, which lets you see the program for the Cafe, register for its events, look up useful addresses for restaurants, hotels and car services, and find other info. The app is currently live on Google Play, and should be in the Apple App store soon. 




An "anonymous creator" promises to catch the industry with its pants down with "Busted," a web app that asks you to share the scandalous goings-on you see in the South of France. "Saw client and account exec getting freaky? Witnessed recruiters canoodling with escorts on the client's dime? Here's your chance to share the scandal with everyone," it says. There's even an option to doctor photos by adding narcotics or bondage attire -- in case your Cannes is scandal-free. 



Havas agency Mobnext has created an app with a more altruistic purpose. "Walk for Water" counts your steps using your iPhone's accelerometer, and if you complete 70,000 steps by the end of Cannes Lions, 400 pounds will be donated to charity:water. 












Royale has developed the "Blackbook Royale," the perfect app for finding out who that cute gentleman at the bar is -- or maybe for a more official business purpose. The app was born from the experience of Royale's ECDs and partners, who found themselves wishing for a better way to keep track of who they had met at the Festival. The app comes pre-populated with a directory of people at Cannes, and everyone can add and identify more people. 










Colle+McVoy have launched "Cannes Name Dropper," a handy little app that will make it seem like you've been hobnobbing with ad luminaries during your time in the South of France. The mad-libber joins up phrases that you can tweet out, so you can say that you just bumped into @danwieden, who is on the hunt for a hash bar, or maybe you can make like you danced with @tedroyer.









If your taste is a little more official, Cannes Lions has an app too: The official app, available for iOS, Windows and Android, lets you check out the Festival schedule on the go, and share what you're doing and who you're with on social media. Included within it are the tools to play the "Win Cannes" game, and a "Virtual GoodyBag" that lets you save bits of the Festival. 








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