ATTIK Showcases AIM Webmail with Virtual Characters, Screen Names

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AOL "hellotokyo94"
In what it calls a "pre-launch" of AOL's AIM webmail service, San Francisco-based Attik invented seven web-savvy characters with new e-mail addresses, developing their personalities through blogs and online films. The webmail service is associated with AOL's IM function, and its campaign is as imaginative as the names that its users invent. Wild postings featuring vivid graphic designs first announced the characters in July, and films will roll out through August. User hellotokyo94's film (visible at is a black and white love story between two pieces of sushi, while daydreamer933's shows what an overactive imagination is capable of creating. If the curious choose to e-mail or IM a character, they'll receive an auto-response in the character's voice, like this one from llamalover867: "I had no idea this fine animal had such a following. I've had so many responses, I've had to put my AIM mail on auto-reply." -Melanie Shortman
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