Banksy's Third NYC Piece Remains Intact on Day Four of Artist's City Art Show

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U.K. street artist Banksy is unveiling new work all month on the streets of New York City, but by day four, are people already over it? The latest piece, featuring a dog urinating on a fire hydrant, has emerged Thursday morning "relatively unscathed," as he put it on Instagram, which is unusual for the artist.

The mysterious talent announced Oct. 1 on his site that he's going to be "attempting to host an entire show on the streets of New York." His site,, was redirecting to, and a telephone number sits alongside each piece of art. After dialing in, observers can enter the piece's code for an "audio guide." (Which in Banksy-style, proves to be not very revealing.) Dial 1-800-656-4271 and then either 1, 2, or 3 to listen to gems like "You're looking at a type of picture called graffiti, from the Latin 'graffito' which means 'graffiti' with an O.")

The first piece, on the Lower East Side, featured a boy standing on another boy's back, holding a can of spray paint, painting a sign that says "Graffiti is a Crime." Wednesday, it was "tagged" with new messaging.

The second piece was a jibe at New Yorkers: in classic graffiti font, it said, "This is My New York Accent," with "I normally write like this" written underneath in nicer handwriting. That too, was defaced.

Banksy has long been critical of people who label graffiti as vandalism, so it's unclear whether he wants people to come and tag his pieces or not.

Banksy is posting his art, along with clues about its location and the audio number you have to dial, on Instagram. He also surfaced on Twitter the day his New York show started, with almost 10,000 followers after only five tweets.

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