BBDO Launches Tostitos Effort

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Tostitos Gold: Leno livens things up.
Tonight during ABC's telecast of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Frito-Lay will launch Tostitos Gold extra-thick tortilla chips with a pair of star-studded spots from BBDO/New York. In one spot, a boring party gets revved up when Jay Leno steps in as its host and Smashmouth's Steve Harwell appears to provide the music. In the other, a theatre in the park production gets a boost from Little Richard. Both spots -- which were directed by Headquarters directing team Joe Public -- also feature Tostitos spokeperson Cindy Taylor, the new host of "Wild On" on E!.

In addition to the new spots, Tostitos will sponsor a halftime challenge during which the cheerleading squads from Ohio State and the University of Miami will attempt to win money for charity by kicking field goals.

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