BBDO Satisfies with New Snickers Campaign

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Snickers "Bald"
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Television audiences get to chew on a brand new Snickers campaign next week, courtesy of BBDO/N.Y. Playing off the candy bar's time-honored "satisfaction" motif, a trio of offbeat spots conjures up ridiculous situations in which a Snickers bar is used for a purpose other than satisfying hunger, ending with the new tag line: "It's only satisfying if you eat it." In the currently airing "Fire," a flustered office worker tries to quell a blaze using the chocolaty treat, with less than stellar results. Scheduled to air next week during Monday Night Football, "Bald" illustrates Snickers' deficiency as an artificial hairpiece—and the upcoming "Jail" presents the candy bar as a slightly-less dangerous alternative to a shiv.

Snickers is no stranger to irreverent advertising, as evidenced by classic executions like the "Not going anywhere for a while?" and "Make it happen with Snickers" campaigns. But according to executive creative director Eric Silver, the new campaign aims to attack your funny bone from a fresh new angle. "Snickers has a great history of hilarious commercials, so we made a conscious effort to try and deliver creative that would 'come in through the back door,'" says Silver. "We just wanted to find a novel way to remind people why they love Snickers. Unlike other candy products, Snickers is unique in that it must appeal to a mass audience. So while we're trying to appeal to a young target, hopefully it will appeal to their parents as well."
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