What Coca-Cola Did On Summer Vacation

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Endless summer.
Coke’s “Summer Games” campaign, out of agency Berlin Cameron & Partners and directed by Believe Media’s Vogel, Villar-Rios, is a breath of fresh air for the middle of the summer. Centered around a group of teen skaters, the four spots show the mundane adventures of summer vacation -- the road trip, the fast-food job, and of course, the hookups -- yet never seem boring, thanks to speedy voiceover sprinkled with humor, and plenty of street cred. Though Coke bottles are ubiquitous, they’re not obvious, and because of quick pacing, provided by 89 editor Jim Ulbrich, viewers get to know the gang pretty well. Shot on location in Phoenix, the hand-held camera work makes the viewer feel like one of the guys, hanging with Shane, Megan, Pete, and Pete’s mom, of course. One line from “Stories,” when Paul and Kyle get jobs, sums it all up: “The ad called for spirited youth. We were overqualified.” –Melanie Shortman
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