Cramer-Krasselt Taps Spokesmonster for Rexall

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Rexall: Frank talk from Frankenstein.
Package goods is a notoriously tough creative category, and health remedies don't exactly have an award-winning track record. Put that together with a name like Osteo Bi-Flex, and you've got a brief only a client could love. But in its first outing for Rexall Sundown, Milwaukee agency Cramer-Krasselt has managed to come through with something out of the ordinary for the dietary supplement, which is used to treat joint pain. In a category packed with testimonial cliches, C-K ECD Mike Bednar explains that at first the agency wanted to avoid the device -- until they realized it could by Frankenstein offering the testimony. "We were always trying to keep the client away from testimonials," he says. "But then we decided: Who is more stiff and sore than Frankenstein?"

The result is clever in more ways than one. On the one hand, it includes all the testmonial copy a client could want, all that copy that routinely bogs down ads in the category. On the other hand, it's very funny, thanks to a bone-dry performance and subdued direction from Hungry Man's Bennett Miller. "The humor of it is based on the sincerity of the character," Bednar says. But the situation makes it hilarious. He basically just gives you the message. The concept makes it funny." And although one might wonder how such a left field concept will play with the target audience, Bednar says the client was persuaded by focus groups when "everyone who saw it got it."

"It became a nice embodiment of what the target audience felt, but also allowed us to be a little more creative." he says.

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