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FSN 'China'
FSN 'China'
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Creativity's 20th Anniversary Gallery observes the traditions of other cultures in the latest batch of spots to grace its page. In Fox Sports' 2001 Grand Prix-winning campaign—which includes "China" "India" "Russia" and "Turkey"—the network's display of international sports such as tree-catching and blind clubbing underscored familiarity with the tag, "Sports news from the only region you care about."

Keep a bookmark on the gallery page and remember to vote for your favorite classic spots soon using our Rate-the-Ad feature, because on Monday we'll take the five spots with the best ratings and pit them against one another in a sudden death vote-off, naming a winner right before the creative community jets off to the Cannes International Advertising Festival. The victor will be named the Best Spot of the Last 20 Years and serve as a reminder of the legacy that a great idea can bestow.
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