JCPenney is Back Under Tony Granger's Watch

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Ad Age recently reported that struggling retailer JCPenney has tapped Y&R as its new creative agency of record. The move puts the marketer back under the watch of Global CCO Tony Granger, who had overseen the brand's creative refresh while he had been chief creative at Saatchi, New York.

During that time, JCPenney became an unexpected creative darling, attracting top directorial talent for its sophisticated storytelling. The relationship, however, was not without controversy. Mr. Granger's name was also in the credits for a spot honored during the Cannes Advertising Festival in 2008. The retailer denied any involvement on the spot, which it said seemed to condone teenage sex.

What can we expect from JCPenney's new advertising? Perhaps some of the brand's most notable ads created under Mr. Granger give us a clue:

JCPenney hangs with the Hollywood crowd. This gorgeous spot directed by MJZ's Fredrik Bond debuted during the Oscars and resurrected key moments from classic films.

The retailer brings magic to everyday moments in this delightful spot directed by MJZ's Nicolai Fuglsig.

We know people get serious about Black Friday, but the big shopping day gets blown out into thriller material in this 2007 spot, directed by Mike Long.

A mother and daughter walk hand in hand through the years--with JCPenney. The tear-inducing spot directed by Carlos Manga Jr. was a Mother's Day push.

JCPenney encourages customers to "work the crowd" in this spot directed by Rattling Stick's Ringan Ledwidge.

A choreographed, commuter love story, via Academy's Si & Ad.

Remember that awful dread you felt as a kid worrying that people would find out that you had a crush? This Dougal Wilson-directed spot captures that horror to a T.

And speaking of horror, Saatchi and Dougal Wilson even dipped into zombie territory.

An ambitious girl reminds us how important it is to dream big, in the uplifting "Aviator" Christmas spot, directed by MJZ's Fredrik Bond.

And amidst all the great work, the controversy. This "Speed Dressing" spot, directed by former Saatchi creative Mike Long, earned a Bronze Lion at Cannes, but JCPenney denied any involvement in creating it. The ad was subsequently pulled from circulation.

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