McDonald's Plays Chicken

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McDonald's 'All White'
McDonald's 'All White'
McDonald's proves the old adage that you are what you eat in a new spot from DDB/Chicago and Biscuit director Noam Murro that shows a man quietly and creepily morphing into a bird because of his addiction to chicken sandwiches. "McDonald's wanted to do something that would get some attention and keep their chicken sandwiches top of mind," says McDonald's group creative director Paul Tilley, of the assignment given to GCD Don Pogany and his team. "That was the brief. Find a way to make it stick that it's really good chicken. Noam Murro helped us take it to the extreme and that's what makes it surprising, how overtly they pushed that idea." The :60 is currently residing on TiVo menus, while a :30 will begin airing on Friday.
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