Netflix, Goodby Put Movies First

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Netflix disrupts grandma's birthday.
In a new campaign for DVD subscription service Netflix, Goodby's Gallic duo Fred & Farid focus on the key moment of the Netflix experience -- when your movie arrives. "In America, there are only bad things coming into your mailbox: bills, bad ads, missing people," explains the team, who joined Goodby in 2002 after an award-studded tour of agencies in the U.K. and their native France. "Most of the white letters are bad news. In some ways, the only good news is this red Netflix envelope with a movie inside."

Three new spots, directed by Smuggler's Neil Harris, show people getting so excited about the red envelope that they forget their familial obligations. In one, a couple ignore their baby's first steps as they rush to the mail slot. In another, a widow in mourning has to restrain herself, for the sake of decorum, when the envelope arrives. Another woman has less luck and ruins her grandmother's birthday party by rushing to retrieve the mail. All three spots end with a simple question: "What's better than a movie in your mailbox?"

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