Savant Launches in L.A.

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Villains and Smuggler vets Joby Barnhart and Jamie Miller have launched Savant, a new Los Angeles-based production boutique. While Savant's lineup boasts a diverse range of talent in action, visual, performance and comedy, "We aim to have a focused roster,” says co-EP Miller. The company's bench includes John Bonito, who hails from the broadcast world, Matt Carter, former Daddy directing team member Jake Knowles, and Swedish mixed-media director collective Waytion. Says Miller of his new outfit’s shingle, “There are lots of connotations with our name--it means an educated person, there’s the idea of idiot savant-- a couple of different things, none of which are bad, and the name's strong, concise, memorable and maybe stands out a little bit. There are also monkeys in our logo-we wanted to poke fun at ourselves so people know we’re not taking ourselves too seriously.” (AD)
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