Tracy Takes On: SNL's Morgan Mugs For Sega ESPN Football

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Sega's ESPN NFL Football goes to Tracy Morgan's head.
In a campaign that broke Monday for Sega's ESPN NFL Football, Saturday Night Live's Tracy Morgan makes the questionable move of getting into the face of the Tampa Bay Bucaneers' Warren Sapp. The premise is that Morgan's so convinced by the videogames' graphics and "first-person football feature" that he thinks he can really play.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy/New York, the effort is reminiscent of the famous Wieden campaign for Nike that cast Dennis Hopper as a football obsessed referee/psychopath. In the Sega campaign, directed by MJZ's Kuntz & Maguire, Morgan tracks Sapp down in the locker-room and tries to taunt the defensive tackle into a showdown. Sapp looks on, bemused, as Morgan -- decked out in unflattering weekend warrior gear -- relates the wisdom of a "little birdy" that's told him "Sapp can't mess with you" and pays awkward homage to Billy "White Shoes" Johnson. A particularly Hopperesque :10 shows a maniacal Morgan alone, staring into a mirror and warning, "You better leave town, baby, you better leave town."

Sega and ESPN reached a deal last year to co-brand Sega's popular series of sports games, and Morgan is slated to appear in spots for the other titles as well.

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