W+K and Nokia--A Look Back at the Work

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It's time to say farewell to stop motion sea monsters, spinning doll heads and poodle pimpin'--just a handful of the indelible images to come from Wieden + Kennedy and Nokia's creative partnership. The agency and client announced earlier today that they would be ending their relationship. Wieden had been the mobile giant's global AOR since 2007, but Nokia plans to "move away from an 'agency of record' model and leverage [its] wide network of agency partners," a brand spokesperson told Advertising Age.

W+K London Managing Director Neil Christie noted in a statement, "Our work with Nokia has been a rewarding and challenging creative experience. We leave this partnership with tremendous respect for the Nokia brand and wish our friends at Nokia all the best and success for the future."

Here, we've brought together some of the relationship's most memorable, and often eye-popping efforts. Just this week we saw what may very well be Wieden's swan song for the client, "Gulp." The animated piece, created with Aardman Animation, set out to break a Guinness World Record for the world's largest stop motion animation set and was shot entirely with Nokia 8 phone cameras, set up on a special rig. It was part of an ongoing series of films launched to show off the range of feats that could be achieved with the N8's technology.

Not until the film's finale do you see how massive the project really was, but the "Making of" film here dives further behind the scenes.

The large scale of "Gulp" pulled a 180 from the approach of last year's "Dot." Also created with Aardman and shot with the Nokia N8 camera, it depicted the microscopic adventures of a 9mm tall heroine.

The film below explains the big effort behind the miniature masterpiece.

Director David Wilson helped promote the N8 pink edition with this promo-like film featuring feisty Barbie clones doing very un-Barbie like things, to the Sugababes' track "Freedom."

Along with Seeper, London, Wieden conceived this interactive projection mapping event to promote Nokia's Ovi Maps. Participants' movements helped to spawn the outdoor display's dancing Nokia arrows.

The "Loop" mobile app let Nokia N8 and C7 users create bespoke music tracks out of everyday sounds. The app featured preloaded background loops or let people create their own to mix with samples recorded from real life sounds. A poodle undergoes some serious pimpin' in the app's demo below.

The shot here is from 2007's Unity effort, when Nokia and W+K put on an interactive Christmas light display, with the help of collaborators like United Visual Artists and P2 Group. Music composed by Daniel Pemberton and street performances helped bring London's Regent Street to life--but lights were the star of the show. Fourteen motion sensing LED light structures lining the road shifted color formations in response to crowd density, wind speed, weather and ambient light levels. The effort was environmentally friendly, too. The LEDs were completely recyclable and only needed a fifth of the electricity that would be used by standard light bulbs.

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