A Butt Goes Places in Cryptic New Spot from Droga5 Sydney for ING Direct

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At first, we weren't quite sure what this well-shot ad from Droga5 Sydney for ING Direct was about. Director Steve Rogers focuses his camera throughout the spot on a man's pajama-clad, well-formed behind, as it dreams about going on some pretty out-there adventures.

Its intentions become clearer through the voiceover (backed by that all too-familiar Gene Wilder-sung aspirational track, "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory) which announces, "This is for the part of you that never rests… there's a part of you that knows there's always more." It's followed by the company's new tag "Spend your life well."

So, although we would tend to think your bum represents the side of you that wants to sit on the couch and eat chips all day, it seems here, it's a personification of that badass (sorry) you who wants to dream bigger. Quite an audacious and semi-cryptic move for a banking brand, but it's super fun to watch.

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