A Dying Indian Art Form, Brought Back to Life by Google

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Google's "The Web is What You Make of It" campaign, which launched out of BBH New York earlier this year, often tries to keep country-specific work culturally relevant. A few months ago, the brand did it with Soi Dogs, a heartbreaking look at the problem of stray dogs in Thailand that was combated with the help of Google Chrome.

Google India has introduced a spot telling the real story of an Indian artist who specializes in Tanjore paintings, panel-based works that are often painted over and affixed with jewels. The form has been dying in India as younger artists try to create a different aesthetic.

The artist, G. Rajendran, used the power of the Web to bring Tanjore painting and his business back to life.

Beautifully crafted, the spot doesn't feature a single web browser or mouse click, and instead painstakingly tells the story using elements of Tanjore style. For more on this work, visit Creativity -Online.com.

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