Have Yourself A Virtual Dinner Party, Courtesy W&K Amsterdam

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Eating dinner in front of your laptop is no longer as lonely as it sounds.

Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam have returned with VirtualHolidayDinner.com, which lets you have a sit-down dinner with far-flung friends and family via Skype.

Guests call into the dinner, and their faces are shown on-screen attached to life-size dolls sitting around a table. The dolls also have video cameras with facial-tracking software, so guests can move and look around the dining room simply by moving their head.

The agency did something similar last year but has added themes to create a sort of holiday dinner play. You can pick from "Business as Usual," "The Overly Friendly Christmas Dinner" or "Resolutions." Speaking cues will appear on individual screens, and W&K will provide you with a video of your performance.

For more on this project, including a video of the work in action, visit Creativity -Online.com.

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