If Your Presidential Candidate Doesn't Win, JetBlue Will Give You a Flight Out of the Country

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What are you gonna do if your choice -- whoever it may be -- doesn't win the presidential election? The country is obviously going to the dogs, so why not leave? JetBlue and Mullen nicely echo the "I'm moving to _____" sentiment with the Election Protection campaign, which promises customers a free flight if their candidate doesn't win.

Visit the site, select your Presidential choice, and enter for a chance to win a ticket to one of the airline's 21 destinations. The site also has a real-time map showing where Americans want to escape to, and after the election results are in, 1,006 tickets will be given away. The brand is also out canvassing to encourage people to get out and vote.

Of course, the point is to get customers to go out and vote -- but we have to wonder, how many people are going to vote for the "other guy" just for the free flight?

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