Fashion Campaign Turns Twitter into the Digital Version of the BFF Necklace

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To celebrate Friend's Day on August 1, a holiday that 's widely recognized in South America, Argentine agency +Castro, along with a class of students at local ad school Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios, decided to break up Twitter.

The agency and students came up with a platform that allowed a pair of friends to share the 140 characters of a tweet, for local fashion accessory retailer Todomoda. It allowed one friend to start a Twitter message, while the other completed it. And only until both made their contributions would the Tweet appear on their feeds.

Part of the "Share a Tweet" campaign also included games that would challenge friends' knowledge of each other and reward them with discounts to Todomoda.

According to +Castro creative planner Esteban Minoyetti, who taught the course, the campaign was the result of applying students' great thinking--which often ends up nowhere in a classroom setting--to solving real client problems. The students ultimately received store discounts from the clients and real compensation from the agency.

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