Honda Invites You to Recreate Its Concept Models With a 3D Printer

Carmaker Releases 3D Design Data on New Website

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You might not be able to 3D print your own car yet, but Honda has the next best thing. The carmaker has released 3D data for the exterior designs of some of its concept models to the public, with the idea that the models could easily be replicated by a household 3D printer. The data is available on a new website,, where people can download files to make their own miniature versions of cars such as 1999's Fuya-Jo, which features semi-standing seats and a DJ's booth-style cockpit; 2007's Puyo, which has a soft, gel-like body to protect passengers during collisions; and the next-generation hybrid car NSX Concept, unveiled last year. (Some of the designs can be seen in Honda's Super Ultra Daydreams film, which was shown at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show in November.) The brand is hoping to inspire the next generation of engineers and designers with the project, which was led by Mori's Morihiro Harano as creative director, working with Dentsu.

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