NatGeo and Mullen Launch Interactive Site To Explore Lincoln Assassination

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nat geo killing lincoln

The National Geographic Channel has launched a companion website to "Killing Lincoln," its docu-drama set to air this weekend, in which people can explore content related to Lincoln's assassination and his killer, John Wlikes Booth. The film itself was co-produced by Ridley Scott and and the late Tony Scott and is narrated by Tom Hanks.

Created by Mullen, the "Killing Lincoln Conspiracy" site features an HTML5 design in which readers can scroll down to view content designed to immerse them in 1865 and the world of Wilkes Booth. Mullen worked with the Library of Congress and the National Archives to source some 1000 unique elements including photos, video, audio and text. To bring the story to life, Google Street View allows viewers to see locations (such as Wilkes Booth's boarding house) as they are today; users can see which location they are currently closest to via geotargeting. The site also highlights the ramifications of Booth's actions, noting how they changed history.

The effort reminds us of "Clouds Over Cuba," another digital campaign that sought to revisit a historical period. Created by The Martin Agency and Tool of North America for the JFK Presidential Library, the site showed just how close the U.S. came to all-out nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Check it out on, and follow @creativitymag on Twitter.

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