Sony Videos Use New Imaging Technology to Bring Movies to Life

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Move over "watching," it's immersion time.

Viral videos promoting the intense experience of watching a movie using the Sony Playstation and its Video Store transform a living room into a blockbuster movie, like "Pirates of The Caribbean" or "Tron," bringing the film into a 3D reality. The virals have also meshed together the virtual and the real quite deftly -- a projected "jolt" to the table knocks over a real glass, which then spills projected "water."

Using no post-production, the videos use an entirely new technique called "immersive imaging," a mixture of projection mapping, augmented reality and real-time tracking. The technique blurs the boundaries between physical and virtual by layering graphics and animation onto real surfaces.

The films are by agency Studio Output. For more on this work, including full credits, visit Creativity

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