VW Will Use Augmented Reality to Service Cars

New System To Be Launched At InsideAR Conference Next Week

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VW employees can now use augmented reality to service your car, with a new system set to be demonstrated at augmented-reality conference InsideAR in Munich next week.

The automaker's MARTA (Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance) system for service information, developed with technology partner Metaio, shows real and virtual parts in three-dimensional relation to one another. Though Volkswagen is linking the announcement to the complexity involved with it XL1 car, a limited-production and technologically-advanced electric car due next year.

Previously, VW's service technicians could only call up digital repair guidelines. Now, they'll also be able to use tablets to call up the MARTA system, which "labels" the individual parts and elements with text and shows work instructions clearly. When MARTA is called up, the system lists all of the jobs to be performed. After the task has been "initialized" (a process in which the vehicle's silhouette and the camera image of the real vehicle have to match up) the individual context-dependent work steps are shown on the employee's tablet.

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