Production Company A-List 2015: Chelsea Pictures

Company Captured Hearts With 'Like a Girl' and More

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Chelsea Pictures and its director Lauren Greenfield helped make Always the talk of the industry -- and the rest of the world -- on the game-changing "Like a Girl" ad, which sought to reclaim the culturally pejorative phrase "Like a Girl" and transform it into something positive. The ad recently added the 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding commercial to its long list of accolades, which include the Cannes Lions 2015 PR Grand Prix, as well as the honor of Creativity's #1 television ad of 2014.

Ms. Greenfield (a celebrated documentary photographer director who has made a name for herself capturing the more thought-provoking aspects of the lives of girls in women in books and films such as "Girl Culture" and "Thin," as well as the brilliant American dream gone awry documentary, "The Queen of Versailles,") followed "LIke a Girl" with another powerful film, "Unstoppable," which depicted girls smashing what they believed to be their biggest obstacles to bits, after writing them on cardboard boxes.

See the full Production Company A-List 2015
See the full Production Company A-List 2015

Director Nadav Kander leveraged his photographic talents on what was arguably the Super Bowl's most unsettling ad. Created out of Grey New York, the NFL-sponsored PSA for No More was the first big game ad to address domestic violence and abuse. In it, we hear the voice of a woman calling 911, but calmly ordering a pizza from the dispatcher.The real story behind the call is revealed as the camera slowly travels through her home, capturing foreboding scenes of disarray -- a candlestick and books on the floor, an unmade bed and finally, a dent in the wall.

Chelsea and director Bruce Hunt worked with Grey to subject Lionel Messi to arguably his strangest challenge ever. They put the soccer superstar's head in a box and subjected his face to the most grueling conditions: extreme heat, wind, humidity, rain, snow, force and even paparazzi flashes -- and finally, asked him to shave. The point? To prove that the Mach 3 Sensitive will be kind to your face, no matter what your skin has endured.

Newcomer to the Chelsea stable Director Henry Mason teamed with Droga5 on the agency's moving project for Dixie, which challenged families to "go dark for dinner" and sign off their devices for supper. Mr. Mason captured the intimate moments between family and friends that were able to happen in the absence of digital distractions.

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