Creativity A-List 2011: AKQA

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For an agency that emerged on the digital forefront, AKQA's 2011 oeuvre reflected the shop's growing breadth.

The agency was named Audi's digital agency of record at the beginning of the year, leading to interesting online moves like the "Road Frustration Index." Created in conjunction with MIT Senseable City Labs, the realtime datavisualization app analyzed the gridlock gripes of drivers in 30 cities. The site was part of the agency's launch for the Audi 6, which highlighted the brand's ability to bring "intelligence to driving." It also included a charming online spot the client later decided to air on broadcast. The Halloween-themed film used the car's night vision assistant with thermal imaging camera to capture a band of costumed munchkins from a photonegative-like POV.

Continuing its work for the Gears of War franchise, the agency launched the digital drumroll to the trilogy's third installment franchise. The "Brothers to the End" online effort invited users to explode virtual murals depicting different segments of the trilogy.

And more on the innovation front: AKQA also created a highly useful suite of apps for Delta that allows travelers to do everything from rebook flights to track their checked baggage. The agency's London office was also behind one of the most groundbreaking ideas of the year with Heineken's "Star Player," the coviewing app that introduced a competitive element to sports-watching.

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