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100 Leading National Advertisers: 2002 edition index

Facts and figures on U.S. ad spending

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100 Leading National Advertisers is Ad Age's annual ranking of the 100 largest U.S. advertising spenders.

Ad Age started the LNA report in 1956.

77-Page Leading National Advertisers Report
Financial returns, division sales, personnel, brands and agencies.

Top 100 Marketers' Advertising Declined 1.3% in 2001
By R. Craig Endicott

100 Leading National Advertisers
Ranked by 2001 U.S. advertising spending
Advertisers ranked 101 to 200
Domestic advertising spending totals
Domestic ad spending by category
100 Leaders by sales per ad dollar
Top advertisers in 12 media

Top car & light truck brands
Best & worst performing cars & trucks
Top 10 dry dinner mixes
Top 7 mops, brooms & cleaning tools
Top 10 restaurant marketers
Top 10 fast-casual chains
Top 10 wireless phone brands
Top 10 electronic games advertisers
Top 7 disposable diapers & training pants
Top 10 diapers/training pants marketers
Top 10 beer brands
Top 10 malt alternatives
Top 10 cigarette brands
Top 10 supermarket chains
Top 10 U.S. airlines
Top 10 motion pictures

Full year data was originally published July 22, 2002

Top 200 megabrands for full year 2001

First half data was originally published Nov. 12, 2001
Top 100 megabrands 1st half 2001
Megabrands 101-200 1st half 2001
Top 10 companies by 1st half 2001 media spending
Top 10 categories by 1st half 2001 media spending
Total media spending for 1st half 2001 & 1st half 1991

Report Methodology
How Ad Age compiled this report

Leading National Advertisers Archive
1997 to present

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