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The first edition of Advertising Age, started by company founder G.D. Crain Jr., was published Jan. 11, 1930.

In general, Datacenter materials in AdAge.com appear no earlier than the 1998 editions.

News archives on AdAge.com include information published as far back as 1992. With increased use of the internet, many recent stories have appeared online, but were not published in print editions.

The complete collecton of the printed publication is housed in the Ad Age Library, part of the Crain Information Center in Chicago. The library also houses a clip file (or morgue) of stories clipped and filed by subject from 1949 to 1973 and an earlier clip file by subject on microfiche that covers 1930-1949. Many editions of Advertising Age are on microfilm.

Crain Knowledge Centers can provide custom research. A fee may be charged for some services. Chicago-based Michelle Dopp (312) 649-5329 can answer questions about the collections and assist with research.

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