Sponsored Feature Hypes New Movie 'A Dirty Shame'

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NEW YORK ( -- has launched its second advertising blog for the new John Waters film, A Dirty Shame, which opens Sept. 24.

The promotional effort, sponsored by New Line Cinema, follows on the buzz-generating success of Gawker's first adverblog, "The Art of Speed," in which Nike showcased artists' interpretations of speed in mini online movies.

The new "Dirty Shame" adverblog mimics the gossipy, Hollywood banter that is the tone of another Gawker blog, Defamer, and is promoted across all Gawker properties. The official New Line Cinema film site is hot-linked at the top of the site. The New Line Cinema blog will run for about three weeks, said Gawker's publisher, Nick Denton.

The entertainment sector is particularly suited for blog-related promotions, according to some marketing observers. Blogs are viewed by their readers as edgy sources of breaking cultural news and their readers like to spread the word about something new in their area of interest.

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