O2 "Rugby World Cup"

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In 2004, British mobile phone company O2 sold more phones than all of their competitors combined, according to Agency Republic, and much of that was supported by strong web-based work from the shop. Of the many creative applications over the course of the year, those coordinated with promotion of the Rugby World Cup were quite attention-getting. One banner on select pages of the Times online flipped the page upside down before making its pitch, "Follow what's happening Down Under." Another takes the shape of a rugby ball that follows the cursor, leaving a trail of bubble-like balls behind it. Reading, "Why chase after England scores?," the ad emphasized the mobile services' delivery of sports news right to the owners' pockets.

Client: O2 Agency: Agency Republic/U.K. CD: James Cooper CW: David Newby AD: Nitin Mistry Producer: Jay Gelardi

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