People Magazine Speaks Out on Gun Violence

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After yet another school shooting, People Magazine has had enough. The publication used its platform to urge readers to contact Congress, devoting two pages in this week's issue to printing the names and phone numbers of all 535 voting members of Congress. Along with a letter from its editorial director Jess Cagle, the celebrity news magazine posted a call-to-action video on its Twitter account.

"I think about mass shootings when I'm on a train, and when the lights go down in a movie theater, and when I see children in a classroom," Mr. Cagle said in the letter. "We need to know that our representatives in Washington, D.C., are looking for solutions and not giving up, and they need to know if we agree or disagree with their strategies."

Posted information includes phone numbers, email addresses (from the Sunlight Foundation's OpenCongress project) and available Twitter handles for the 535 voting members of the House of Representatives and Senate. The magazine's circulation is 3.5 million, and one in four readers is a mother, according to its media kit.

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