Vote: Who Pulled Off the Most Awesome Viral Stunt of the Year?

Volvo Trucks, Pepsi Max, Amazon, Adobe and WestJet Compete For Honors

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Stunts. They've been driving clicks on videos since the dawn of YouTube. Marketers have long used them to great effect, and this year Ad Age is asking you to help us decide who did it best. The winner will be honored with a Viral Video Award during Ad Age's Digital Conference on April 1.

So, who pulled off the most awesome viral stunt of the year? Was it Jean-Claude Van Damme for Volvo Trucks? Jeff Gordon (and Jalopnik) for Pepsi Max? Amazon's drone deliveries? Adobe's Photoshop stunt? Or was it WestJet making Christmas wishes come true? You decide!

Volvo Trucks: 'Live Test'

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Pepsi Max: 'Test Drive 2'

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Amazon: "Prime Air"

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Adobe: "Photoshop Live"

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WestJet: 'Merry Christmas'

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