Twitter Gives More Marketers Easy Access to Its In-Tweet 'Buy' Button

Making It Easier to Sell Products Within Tweets

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Credit: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Expect to start seeing more tweets imploring you to buy stuff. A year after it began testing a "buy" button to sell products within tweets, Twitter is looking to blow open its e-commerce business.

On Wednesday the company announced that U.S. retailers using Bigcommerce, Demandware and Shopify tech to power their e-commerce businesses will be able to more easily plug their products into shoppable tweets. Effectively a retailer using one of these e-commerce software vendors -- and there are hundreds of thousands of them, according to a Twitter spokesman -- will be able to effectively place a product link within a tweet that the platform will then fit with a "buy" button.

"The goal for all our commerce initiatives on Twitter is simple: make it as easy as possible for businesses to connect directly with, and sell to, customers on Twitter," said Nathan Hubbard, head of commerce at Twitter, in a company blog post. "With Buy Now, businesses can drive more conversions and remove much of the friction in the mobile purchasing process."

But Twitter isn't the only tech platform looking to step on Amazon's turf. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram have also added buy buttons to their services in hopes of getting a cut of the $349.1 billion in U.S. e-commerce sales that eMarketer estimates will be generated this year. And it shouldn't be overlooked that each of these companies make the majority of their money from advertising. Being able to sell products on the same platforms where marketers run ads would make it easier for marketers to measure the revenue resulting from that ad spend.

Twitter is announcing the e-commerce expansion during Advertising Week and right before the holiday shopping season kicks off.

Re/code had reported in August that Twitter was in the process of connecting Shopify's platform with the social network's e-commerce service.

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