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Microsoft's Latest Ad: Windows Phone Can Help Get Girls In Clubs

New Video: Getting More Blunt In Its 'Save Us From Our Phones' Campaign

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Microsoft is getting more blunt in its advertising assault on Blackberry, iPhone and Android. The latest message: While those phones make you socially inept, Windows Phone will get you girls in clubs.

In the first wave of ads, Microsoft introduced its new smart phone platform Microsoft as a "Phone to Save Us from Our Phones," showing how the leading handsets have us nose-down missing life. This recent ad though, from Windows creative agency Crispin Porter Bogusky, finds club guys who use Windows Phone, rather than the other guys, getting on better with the ladies.

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The jury is still out if these ads and Microsoft's big budget ad push are paying off. The launch ad made an appearance on Ad Age's Viral Video Chart on its first week. Though, early projections of Windows Phone sales have been underwhelming, though Microsoft has not released any official comment.

According to creative ad measurement firm Ace Metrix, Windows Phone ads have been doing pretty well in terms of "persuasion" and "watch-ability," scoring above all their mobile competition except Apple, whose iPad, iPhone and iPod ads scored highest.

Microsoft's best ads according to Ace Metrix dropped last week: "Save Us from our Phones" scored 637 out of 950, while "Less Staring More Clubbing" scored 611. Compare that to Apple devices, which rule the top seven slots. The highest scoring ad, "FaceTime," scored 696.

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