Vintage Ad Browser, Blomkamp talks and more

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See everyone. It wasn't ALWAYS better back in the day. It's a Vintage Ad Browser!

"I can see myself doing out-there comedy like Monty Python, absolutely, I would love that. Seriously," and more from Neill Blomkamp. From the L.A. Times

"Controversial" Darwin Pic comes to U.S. Really? Controversial in 2010. It's gonna be a long decade. From Wired.

Nexus Schmexus. TMobile has cock blocked us with arbitrary contract rules (yes, we are also wondering why Google didn't send us one). Anyway, here's an iPhone/Palm Pre/Droid/That other Phone breakdown, including costs.

Old school animation for Team William's "You Look Familiar," from Belgians Michele De Feudis and Joris Bergmans.

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